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09/03/11 12:55 PM #1    

Della Epps (Moyer)

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01/11/12 01:07 PM #2    

Della Epps (Moyer)

First planning meeting is scheduled for February 9, 2012 at 6:30pm in the Xcel Energy building on East Foster.

01/15/12 08:32 PM #3    

Becky Taylor (Saltzman)

Della you did a great job on this website!  Looking forward to the meeting Feb. 9th!

05/02/12 07:43 PM #4    


Stephen Rogers

Great idea Della.  This will grow even more when our fellow classmates become aware. Thanks for your time.

Stephen Rogers

Montgomery, Texas

Class of '72

11/26/12 04:48 PM #5    


John Watson

It's been about 5 months since the re-union.  Happy Holidays to the classmates and old friends.  JW

02/12/16 08:28 PM #6    


Stephen Rogers

Cannot wait for the 50th reunion. I definitely will be there if the good Lord allows. See ya'll then Harvesters.

02/13/16 02:37 PM #7    


John Watson

Stephen Rogers do you know about the 45th re-union?  The class of 72 has Facebook page and the Class of 72 website is up to date by Della Moyer  following committee meeting.  JW....


01/14/17 09:46 AM #8    


Randy Laycock

i would love to have a 45th reunion.  all of them have been so much fun,  its always good to get together.  i can do summer or fall, doesnt matter to me.

01/15/17 01:36 PM #9    


Sara Walker (Taylor)

I would enjoy a 45th reunion. I was unable to attend the 40th! Let's get 'er done!

02/02/17 07:43 AM #10    


Mary Beth Karr

I'm interested in attending a 45th reunion.  June, July or fall are my preferences.  I'd love to have a date soon to hold.  Also, I'm willing to help from a distance (Buffalo, NY) if there's something I can do.

Mary Beth

02/08/17 05:55 PM #11    


Stephen Rogers

45 years, I thought 12 years in school was a long time.  We're not getting any younger. Why not, count me in. I missed the 40th. and many more before that. would be good to reHASH good times.


Stephen C. Rogers

Dobbin Texas U.S.A.

02/10/17 06:51 PM #12    

Cindy Presnell (Gindorf)

Hey guys!  I'm hoping to be able to come for the reunion!  Summer works best for me since I am out of school

02/12/17 04:19 PM #13    


John Watson


Hope to see you.  The date of the 45th re-union is Homecoming Weekend in Sept. 2017.


03/21/17 08:06 AM #14    


John Watson


​Thanks for the excellent summary of Feb. 20, 2017 committee meeting.  The parameters were established which will allow the planning to move forward. 



03/24/17 05:48 PM #15    


Stephen Rogers

Saw that Tom Parker was listed in missing classmates.

Cant recall what happened, Maybe some kind of accident

Obituary said he graduated in 1971, I thought he was in class of 72 though.

Born: May 14, 1953
Died: February 10, 2015

Tom Parker, 61, of Humble, died February 10, 2015 in Humble


06/08/17 08:04 PM #16    


John Watson

Glad to see you on the Class of '72 website.  That re-union will be a blast. 


06/09/17 10:33 AM #17    

Della Epps (Moyer)

Steve Rodgers, can you send me a copy of the obit for Tommy Parker?  I can't seem to find it anywhere.  Thanks for letting us know.

06/09/17 10:19 PM #18    


Daniel Barker


Check with Becky Holmes. I gave her several obituaries, including Tom Parker's.

Daniel Barker

09/28/17 11:09 PM #19    

Jeannie Fischer (Symons)

I will not be attending the reunion but I don't know who to contact to cancel.          

Please let me know. I won't be using the 2 nights at the Americinn.

Thanks,     Jeannie Symons



09/30/17 01:34 PM #20    

Brenda Scott (Tucker)


I believe your message was received.  I'm sorry you can't make it.  Hope all is ok with you and your family - we will miss seeing you.

Brenda Tucker

10/22/17 12:21 AM #21    


Daniel Barker

Ever wonder about the good ole days? Would you like to read about the football team's success in the fall of '71 as it won District? Or how about checking out the latest movie ads, Christmas ads, or auto prices back in our senior year? Log into : and you can read The Pampa News every day of our senior year (or any other year). I've used it to research obituaries and forwarded them to Della, and now you can read about our home town as well. I find it interesting to read about some historical event back then and see how it played out with today's perspective. You can also look up old yearbooks as well. Happy reading.............

10/22/17 10:29 AM #22    

Susan Wilson (Ross)

Thanks Daniel! Good to know!

02/28/20 08:31 PM #23    


Stephen Rogers

Hello Harvesters'

2022 is just around the corner, 50 years,seems like yesterday when we were there. Hopefully when we meet then the stories we can recall.

Stephen Rogers


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